Sunday, January 31, 2010

SPIDER- New pics!

Here are a couple of pics that show the colour a little better!!!

Saturday, January 30, 2010


Well here we are with ....yes you read it right...a BLUE bear!!!
He is 11 inches...getting smaller..., and made from a gorgeous royal blue tipped black/brown hand dyed mohair and has beautiful blue eyes. Suede pulled paws and nine way jointed for lots of fun!!!!
His two tone face reminded me of David Bowie so he got named Spider after one of his tours that I was lucky enough to see live, the Glass Spiders tour all those years ago!
Have to wait for morning to get some good pics as cloudy today and night is on it's way!!
Love to know what you think!
Hugs Linda  :)

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Well here it is my first new design Lombard Bear with no needle felting!!
Meet 'Ferdie', a 13 inch, 9 way jointed swarvo chap straight out of the '20s, ready to head off for a hit of tennis then a martini at the bar with the lads!!
He is made from the most gorgeous mottled plum tipped dark brown hand dyed mohair with deep plum coloured suede pulled paws and beautiful amber glass eyes.
Yes he has a stitched nose!!!! I shaded the nose to match the tones in his fur and gave it a light wax!
Love to know what you think guys!
Cheers Linda

Monday, January 18, 2010


Visit Linda Benson of Benson Bears for a FABULOUS blog Give-away!!!!!


I just LOVE this Pic! Elkie always makes sure I take a pic of her with all my creations!!!

Friday, January 15, 2010


Well after reading Linda Bensons of Benson Bears blog this morning, I decided it was time to pull out a few of my old mohairs from years ago and give them a spruce up!!
As you can see there is Lots of those wonderful teddy bear golds that were so popular back then, I think I had one blue and one soft salmon , and that was the extent of my colour range! Things have certainly changed today and now there are SOOO many wonderful mohairs and colours to choose from...YIPPEEEEE!!!
Whilst I was busily doing this, high up in the cork tree were all these gorgeous Galah's, many of them young ones and the din of sound coming from just a dozen or so was AMAZING!!! Hope they don't Poop on my fabric though...hehehe!!!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

THIS IS IT....MY SNEAK PEEK For My First Online Show!!!!!

Well this is first online show...WOW how EXCITING! I will have four new pieces available, one a donation bear for Bobo our sponsored bear. The BE MY VALENTINES SHOW, held by the Lovely SANDI SMITH of BEARLY SANE TEDDIES will run from 8am Saturday the 13th of Februrary till 8 pm the 14th of Februrary Australian Daylight Saving Time.
All the details for this exciting show with so many fantastic artists participating can be found at
I have four very colourful and different creation ready to find a new home!! Layby is welcome and it is best to be an early bird at this fabulous show!
LOVE to know what you think of my sneak peak, thanks to Helen at Bare Cubs Design I was able to work out how to do it on a site she found on the web.....
Thanks a million Helen and thanks Kim from Russell Bears for trying to help me with photoshop...I couldn't do it but this site makes it Sooooo easy!!!!

I hope you all can make it on the day.
Big Bear Hugs Lindax

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Burning The Midnight Oil!

Well Dusty has now totally made herself at home the last two nights, quickly hopping on the lounge where Elkie was once she is off to bed, and keeping me company till the early hours as I work on my four pieces for my first online show!!!
I have a feeling there is a little competitivness happening as Dusty worked hard at trying to get me to throw
 her toy as soon as I started reading Elkie a night time story and then the minute we got up she was' in like flin' on that spot on the lounge!!!
Well I'm just about finished and having lots of fun with these four pieces...lots guessed it...COLOUR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sneek Peek coming soon if I can work out how to do it!!!
Cheers Linda