Friday, September 2, 2011

Dad's Day Pic By gotta laugh :)

Well this should bring a smile to Brian's dial on Sunday....Elkie's place mat she made for him at Pre-school for fathers day!! It is a piccie of Dad sleeping on the bed and as you can see it says he falls asleep on the chair...I cracked up laughing when I saw this as kids just do what they see and Brian works in a job where he is up at 4am and off to work at 5.15am and then he is physically all go for the next 8-10 hours so when Elkie gets home his eyes are rightfully drooping and the head is nodding no matter how much he wants to stay awake to play it is a struggle on most days!! What a wonderful Dad he is to try and do what he does at the young age of 53....sssshhhhhh !! Don't tell him I gave away his age!!!!
We loves him very much!!!! So to all those wonderful Dad's out there...HAPPY FATHERS DAY GUYS!!!

Oh and I just had to show you my mothers day pic Elkie did for me! It is a pic of Me on the left making a teddy bear ( I am holding it in the pic) and Elkie on the right watching. Next to her on the left is a table with my felting foam on it....I JUST ADORE IT!!!!!
Have a wonderful Dad's Day Everyone!!
Hugs Lindaxxxxxxxxxx