Wednesday, November 23, 2011

CC cookie And Willopee win In The Taiwan Teddy Bear Show And Creative Design Awards 2011!!!

I am thrilled to find that both CC Cookie and Willopee have won their sections in the Taiwan Teddy Bear Show and Creative Design Awards 2011!!!
What makes this competition so special is that the pieces are sent over and judged 'hands on' by five international judges at the show and receive votes via online voting...a great mix and way to combine the Internet with a Teddy Bear Show!
Thanks to all those who put the time and effort into this competition each year! I hope to see lots of wonderful, exciting entries again next!!
Thank you YZ and The Taiwan Teddy Bear Association!!!
Hugs Linda, CC Cookie and Willopeexxx

Friday, November 11, 2011

'Deck The Halls ' Online Show Now Open!!

Meet 'Columbine' my Christmas Rabbit!!!

SOLD! :)


Meet CC Cookie!!! 

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

CC Cookie and Willopee are off to Taiwan for judging at The Taiwan Teddy Bear Show and Creative Design Awards 2011!

                                                                      CC Cookie!! 
A happy message to let you know that I am excited to say that two of my pieces have made it into the online voting stage of the Taiwan Teddy Bear Show & Creative Design Awards Competition!!!

If you click the links below it will take you to the category pages that I have pieces in and if you click the pages to the left you can go and vote in all the categories.

Both pieces are on there way to Taiwan for hands on judging !!

CC Cookie is a new bear who will make his official appearance at the ' Deck The Halls' online show next weekend.

Hope you can take the time to have a peek! The links are just below!!

Thanks so much!!

Hugs Lindaxx

Friday, September 2, 2011

Dad's Day Pic By gotta laugh :)

Well this should bring a smile to Brian's dial on Sunday....Elkie's place mat she made for him at Pre-school for fathers day!! It is a piccie of Dad sleeping on the bed and as you can see it says he falls asleep on the chair...I cracked up laughing when I saw this as kids just do what they see and Brian works in a job where he is up at 4am and off to work at 5.15am and then he is physically all go for the next 8-10 hours so when Elkie gets home his eyes are rightfully drooping and the head is nodding no matter how much he wants to stay awake to play it is a struggle on most days!! What a wonderful Dad he is to try and do what he does at the young age of 53....sssshhhhhh !! Don't tell him I gave away his age!!!!
We loves him very much!!!! So to all those wonderful Dad's out there...HAPPY FATHERS DAY GUYS!!!

Oh and I just had to show you my mothers day pic Elkie did for me! It is a pic of Me on the left making a teddy bear ( I am holding it in the pic) and Elkie on the right watching. Next to her on the left is a table with my felting foam on it....I JUST ADORE IT!!!!!
Have a wonderful Dad's Day Everyone!!
Hugs Lindaxxxxxxxxxx

Sunday, August 28, 2011

'Willopee' My First Little Orangutan!

'Willopee' is a 13 1/2 inch OOAK Lombard Bears Orangutan.....My first little orangutan!! He is made from a gorgeous rusty coloured mohair with a dark brown back and has beautiful soulful blue glass eyes from the UK. His feet , hands and inner ears are a lovely soft chocolate suede which I have hand stitched to make fingers and toes. 'Willopee's' face is sculpted needle felt which I have hand shaded with inks to give him all his character. He has my signature 9-way jointing system so he sits like an ape and he is filled with wool then weighted with steel shot so he feels like a real little creature.
                                                              Available on my website now!!
                                                                        Hope you like him :)
                                                                             Hugs Linda

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Castle Rock - A great way to clear the mind :)

Off we trot!!


Discoveries on the way!

What life is all about xx

A happy trekker with her ducky who dropped down between some rocks up the top and we had to organise an emergency rescue!!!

Brian and I did our darndest to hold up balancing rock ;)

What do you do when your mind in chogged up...........head for the sky!!! We headed for a place called Castle Rock last weekend and had a fabulous day!!! Brian made it to the top onto the lookout round Castle Rock, Elkie and I waited at the bottom of the steps up to it as it was a bit scarey for Elkie and then we headed for the easy lookout on the other side. I fabulous spot and an amazing view to reward yourself with after a lovely bushwalk up!! That's living I say :)

On the creations front....a new chimp friend in evolving and set to enter the world soon :)
Hugs Lindax

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

My Gorgeous Benson Bear 'Mon'...Thankyou Linda Bxxx

Thankyou so much To Linda Benson of  Bears In The Bush for my lovely Bear ' Mon' which I was sooo lucky to win as her blog giveaway!!! She is just ADORABLE!!!! I was going to get a pic of me with 'Mon' but I had no choice as Elkie has become rather attatched :)

Monday, July 11, 2011

New Bear 'Brody' Available Now!!

I am excited to say that I have a new bear available called 'Brody'. He is the first in a smaller size with a sculpted needle felt face just making 9 1/2 inches. 'Brody' is made from the last piece of my favorite hand dyed mohair in beautiful mulled wine colors and has gorgeous baby blue glass eyes! He is 9 way jointed and had pulled suede paws. I have weighted him with steel shot to give him the feel of a real little critter!


Hugs Lindaxx

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Thrilled to be Nominated In the 2011 ABC Awards

I am thrilled to say that 'Bennie' has been nominated in the 2011 Australian Bear Creations Awards!!!
Hope you can grab a copy of this fabulous teddy mag and send your votes in!!
Hugs Lindax

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Chickies came home for the weekend!!

Well it was a busy weekend!! The ACDA's and twin cousins down from Perth to play... AND CHICKIES FOR A WEEKEND STAY!!!!!!!
Elkie had a ball this last long weekend. Their class has a fabulous teacher who hatches chickies out in the room each year and then the kids get to take them home over night if they would like!!
The first night she was awake at 3am asking if it was time to get up and look after the chickies. I said it was still night and we had to go back to sleep but we decided it best to get up and check on the little cuties anyway.....................
Twas gorgeous!!!!

Sunday, June 5, 2011

So Happy For Sammi To Win The Australian Creative Design Awards 2011!!!!!!

I am sooooo thrilled to have Sammi win the ACDA's for' Most Innovative Design and Workmanship Excellence' !!!! I saw the entries and was thrilled by the creativity shown and really though I had no hope this year, so when the box arrive back with Sammi in it ,I was floored to receive this award!!!
Thank you so much to Sandi for all her efforts...amazing lady... and the judges and it was fabulous to see such wonderful pieces entered this year!! WOW!!!

A BIG Congrads to Ruth, Robyn and Ina too!!!