Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Rhett and Kenuzy Nominated in the Australian Bear Creations Awards 2010!!!

Boy am I having an EXCITING week!!! I just found out that Rhett and Kenuzy have both been nominated in the ABC's Awards 2010!!!
Make sure you get your copy of this fantastic magazine to see all the nominees and place your votes!!!!!
Cheers Lindaxxxx

Sunday, June 6, 2010


WOW! Boy am I happy to say that Hinkleberry has won the Australasian Creative Design Award of 'Most Innovative Design and Workmanship Excellence'  !!!
This competition is a 'hands on' judging competition where each nominated creation is sent in and judged by three independant judges.
I was really I am just 'OVER THE MOON'!!!
A huge Thankyou to Sandi Smith for running and co-ordinating this award in conjunction with the Fantasy Ball-Online Show!!! A Fabulous job Sandi!!
A huge Congradulations to Wendy Ching and Linda Benson too!!
I thought all the creations were FANTASTIC and look forward to next years ACDA with a Beatrix Potter theme.....should be FUN!!!
Huge Hugs Linda.....still smiling :) :) :)x

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

MEET 'Lucinda' my Ostraigon Caberet Showgirl!!

Meet 'Lucinda' all her details at the FANTASY SHOW!
Read her story on my WEBSITE!
Cheers Lindax