Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Well we made it through the first Kindy Day!
We got there and Elkie was into everything, gluing, painting, checking the toilet out (very importantat this age) and having a great time. Next was story time and I said I would be off now, there was a protest and a tear but I bravely walked out to the car pretending I wasn't worried! I went as far as Mums, about 2 minutes away and was reassured that she would be fine. I knew this really as we had been over all the details of when I would be back to pick her up, so I chatted to Mum for the next 2 and a half hours looking at the clock every 10 mins to see if it was time to pick her up yet!! 15 mins before I was off to make sure I wasn't late, only had a 2 minute drive, and got there with heaps of time to spare and there were most of the other Mums waiting who had arrived late and reaasured me that there were no upset children when she went in all of about 1 minute after I left!!! Elkie was first out and very grown up like did a quick cuddle before very importantly going to find all her paintings and creations she had made that day. Off home and back to normal....I did get some intermittant, lovely cuddles for the next two days!!!! Off to kindy again today, hopefully no tears at all this time and some bearmaking on the books!!
Hugs Linda & Elkiex


  1. I had two to send off on their first day, made it easier for them in a way because they had each other for back up :) I remember wasting the first two weeks doing NOTHING, then realised how much I could be doing! My babies had whole days at Kindie, with a nap time, because it was quite a way from home. They caught the bus home and they would often be asleep on the back seat when they got to our stop, the "big" girls looked after them :) She's growing up. Love the art work! :)

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  3. "...there was a protest and a tear but I bravely walked out to the car"
    Now, now Linda ... you are a big girl now, no need for tears! LOL!!

    Kids are a lot more resiliant than we give them credit for and Elkie looks like she had a great time.

    Warmest hugs,
    Sandi @ Bearly Sane

  4. She had a great time today until the headmaster of the school up the road came and sat in unexpectedly, right next to her...she lost it totally apparently, till he left..he is a very big guy,I remember being scared of big males as a kid too.........
    Have to hope we go ok next week...:(

  5. Oh Linda - how fast they grow up ... treasure these memories always. I still look back with a few laughs remembering when my 2 girls started kindy (Kel (aka Miss Independent) did the sookie thing the first day, whereas Nikki (Miss Cling-on) did the complete opposite & didn't look back or even say goodbye ... school was much too much fun!!! Enjoy xoxoxox

  6. Elkie looks so happy with her backpack all ready to go. We have all day kindergarten at the school where I work. The staff makes it such a wonderful experience for the little ones. They all know how hard it is for Mommy and child.
    Enjoy your new bear making time.