Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Well Mr Frog was hiding in a toy box on the verandah and Elkie was very excited to have him jump out and say HELLO!
On the bear making side of things...I see lots of wonderfully neat workspaces but having been a messy person all my life, I tend to work best in chaos as you can see in this pic of my lounge chair...I sit on the edge of the chair with the light beaming staight down at what ever I am creating and I wear my trusty 1.5 chemist glasses!!!!!
As you can see I get hasseled continually to play...not only Elkie but Dusty our dog as well, hence the ball placed at my feet!

Have a great day!
Cheers Linda


  1. Oh Linda this is wonderful to see, I am glad I'm not the only slob! LOL!!

    Isn't it nice to see Elkie isn't afraid of frogs? Love her photo...her face says it all.

    Warmest Hugs,
    Sandi @ Bearly Sane

  2. Love the picture of Elkie and the frog. My daughter always loved bugs and frogs, it is so nice to see a girl not afraid of them.

    Your workspace looks like the perfect place to sit and watch over a busy child and a dog.

  3. It works for me! I usually clean up after a bout of intense making....then it all happens again, as I start again , I get messier and messier......creative chaos is what I call it!!!

  4. Mmmmmmm that "creative chaos" looks familiar.....looks just like mine!!!!!! :) Even down to the ball at the feet :D
    Cute froggie

  5. I can relate to the mess too Linda.How can anyone be tidy when they're working! We had friends stay the other night and they insisted on throwing a mattress down on the floor in my work room ( TV's in there) - they came and asked for a broom to give it a sweep!! We do have 2 perfectly clean and tidy guest rooms!!