Wednesday, August 4, 2010

LIZA M and LUCINDA had a Ball at The Perth Teddy Show!!

I was really happy to find out that my entry into the pattern challenge, Kim Russells beautiful 'Murphy' pattern, won her section!!!! I am still getting a grip on the smaller size ( she is about 7 inches...small for me) so was Thrilled!!! Thanks to Kim and Jenni from the Teddy Tree in Perth for everything!!!!xx

The week started with Lucinda deciding that she was coming to Perth too!!!
I had been thinking it would be best if she stayed home as I was not sure I would have enough room for her but she was having none of that!!! While I was trying to keep the Chimps Possums and Bears under hand she nipped out and parked herself in the car and wouldn't budge!!! I gave up and off we went on our road trip to perth!!
Luckily for Lucinda I ended up with enough room for her to go to the show....and put on a show she sure did!!!
She had a wonderful time entertaining the crowds at the show....many huge smiles and wonderful positive comments came her way....she was in her element!!!! Lucinda thanks all the Perth teddy ladies for looking out for her and having a laugh....she had a ball!!!

You would think that after a busy day performing she would put her feet up and,no,no...Lucinda went on through the night entertaining her hosts with a tinkle on the grand piano and a song or two...
The rest of the crew were just happy to be out and about meeting lots of lovely people...a few found themselves a new home too!!!
On a more serious side....I was truely blown away by the wonderful comments I received about my work.......the smiles and laughter my guys managed to get out of people was just wonderful!!!!
Hopefully I will be back next year as I had a great time with the Perth ladies and learnt heaps...Thankyou girls!!!XXXXXXXXXXXXX


  1. Congratulations, Linda!!! Liza is a DOLL! I can see why she won--BEAUTIFUL work! And it looks like your show was a hit!
    Heaps of Hugs,

  2. Congratulations Linda on your win! Your display looks wonderful, and Liza looks fantastic. Glad to see Lucinda made the trip, looks like she was the life of the party.

  3. Thanks Cheryl and Joanne!
    I had a great time....the girls tell me the show was quieter than other years. hopefully I will be at next years and it is crowded!!!!
    Cheers Lindax

  4. Congrats Linda, Liza was wonderful, your display looked awesome!!

  5. Dear Linda, my congratulations for your Liza win! Please tell me - is there was many bears in this competition? )))