Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Chickies came home for the weekend!!

Well it was a busy weekend!! The ACDA's and twin cousins down from Perth to play... AND CHICKIES FOR A WEEKEND STAY!!!!!!!
Elkie had a ball this last long weekend. Their class has a fabulous teacher who hatches chickies out in the room each year and then the kids get to take them home over night if they would like!!
The first night she was awake at 3am asking if it was time to get up and look after the chickies. I said it was still night and we had to go back to sleep but we decided it best to get up and check on the little cuties anyway.....................
Twas gorgeous!!!!


  1. Looks like you have a future farmer on your hands here. Elkie looks like she is having so much fun.
    Times like this are the best part of being a parent. Thanks for sharing, I do miss my "little" girl.

  2. How WONDERFUL!!! What a fabulous experience for her AND for you!! Enjoy!!


  3. Beautiful pics Linda, those chicks look very well fed and can see that Elkie is a loving 'mother hen' to them!

  4. These photos will always remind you of beautiful moments shared...Elkie so looks delightfully happy with her little chicks.