Monday, May 13, 2013

FLEUR- My latest creation :)


Meet 'Fleur' my latest bear creation. She is a OOAK Lombard bear made in the more realistic new design I am working with this year.

Fleur is 17 inches from the tip of her nose to her tail and made from a gorgeous long white alpaca fur. She has black leather, pulled paws and her nose and muzzle are needle felted to a tight finish and then shaded with inks .Fleur is six way jointed and has a double neck joint giving her a more realistic pose. She has beautiful glass eyes that are a gorgeous lilac colour. Her legs have wire supports inside so she can be posed standing on all fours.


  1. Oh, Fleur is a winner, Linda!! Well done!!


  2. Aww, what a happy wee girl, and her human companion ;o)

  3. he is looking Fab... Your work is amazing.

  4. Thanks Cheryl, Katy and Kay!!xxxx