Tuesday, November 16, 2010

My Fabulous Christmas Swap on TBACA with Ina Smirnova!!!!

This is my gorgeous bunny Paulius, a little angel bunny, that I recieved today from the lovely and amazing Ina Smirnova of Bears and Roses for a Christmas swap organised on the fabulous TBACA Teddy Bear site!!!!!
I am so thrilled!!!!  I love my bunny!!!! Gorgeous!! Ina also sent a tiny little bear brooch for my daughter Elkie who loved it and was so so excited!!!! And some chocccy!!!!! Just devine.....
Thankyou so much Ina!!! A fabulous swap!!! A Big thanks to Sandi from TBACA for organising this wonderful swap each year!!! I do LOVE Christmas!!!
Below is my bear for Ina , 'Bennie', I chose this fur just for her as when I looked at her photo of herself this is what I saw!!!
Hugs Lindaxxxx :) :) :)


  1. Linda,
    Your swaps looks wondeful.
    Paulius and Bennie will have nice families.
    All the best

  2. I am sooo Happy, Linda, to be your swap partner - you really know it!!!

  3. What a WONDERFUL swap! You are BOTH so lucky!

  4. Both of them wonderful! I really love the idea of swapping. It is a great way to build a collection.

  5. Christmas swaps are so wonderful!!! I love my bunny!!! Ina it has been so FUN!!xxx

  6. You both received beautiful creations!

  7. Great swap Linda...they are both wonderful creations.
    QUOTE:"I chose this fur just for her as when I looked at her photo of herself this is what I saw!!!" ROFL! I hope you are not inferring that Ina looks like a Chimp!! Honestly that cracked me up.

  8. Nooo! But chimps are gorgeous!!! I saw a soft shining beautiful woman!

  9. Dear Linda! I have seen your bear in Inna's blog and felt in love with your bears! They are such a wonderful creations, and truly one of a kind!
    I love them!!!

  10. Thankyou soo Much!!!!! I have seen your dolls, they are just FABULOUS!!!