Monday, November 22, 2010

My Latest Creation And A Real Favourite!! Available Now!

Meet 'Sir Percival' my Forest Dwelling Show Clown! He is part of 'Lucinda's' traveling show who perform for all the pond and forest dwellers at all the fresh water ponds around the world (visit my website  to see their story!)
He is made from a glorious banana yellow tipped banana brown mohair and has hand stitched dark brown suede paws. His eyes are an amazing vibrant orange/gold and he has a sculpted needle felt face which I have hand shaded to create this fabulous character. He has my signature 9-way jointing system for lots of fun posing and is weighted to feel like a real critter!!!
I know I know I Know!!! This is not exactly keeping things tame ... but boy do I love creating these fabulous, 'over the top' creatures!!!!!! He is my favourite!!!! :):):)