Monday, December 13, 2010

A Profile In Poppen and Teddy-Beer the Dutch Teddy Magazine!!

Oooouuuu! I am thrilled to see a Lombard Bears Profile in the Dutch Magazine 'Poppen & Teddy- Beer'!
Thanks Nico for such a fabulous spread!!! I have a friend in Holland who I have asked to translate it for me ...but I LOVE the pics!!! A wonderful magazine with Teddies on one side and turn it over..voila..dolls tooo!!
Will post a translation if all goes well in that endeavour!
Hugs Lindaxx


  1. Oh, Linda!!! Congratulations again! :)) Your bears are so amazing - no wonder, that they spread all over the world!!!

    P.S. Elkie looks like a little star ;)))))))))

  2. Thanks Julia!! Elkie is my little star :)

  3. Wish i can read through these pages, nice presentation of your work, Linda.